Timothy Spann
Timothy Spann

Tim Spann is a Principal Developer Advocate in Data In Motion for Cloudera. He works with Apache NiFi, Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Flink SQL, Apache Pinot, Trino, Apache Iceberg, DeltaLake, Apache Spark, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, AI/DL, machine learning, and deep learning. Tim has over ten years of experience with the IoT, big data, distributed computing, messaging, streaming technologies, and Java programming.

Previously, he was a Developer Advocate at StreamNative, Principal DataFlow Field Engineer at Cloudera, a Senior Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks, a Senior Solutions Architect at AirisData, a Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal and a Team Leader at HPE. He blogs for DZone, where he is the Big Data Zone leader, and runs a popular meetup in Princeton & NYC on Big Data, Cloud, IoT, deep learning, streaming, NiFi, the blockchain, and Spark.

Tim is a frequent speaker at conferences such as ApacheCon, DeveloperWeek, Pulsar Summit and many more. He holds a BS and MS in computer science.

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Building Real-Time Generative AI Pipelines

In this talk, Tim will delve into the exciting realm of building real-time generative AI pipelines with streaming capabilities. The discussion will revolve around the integration of cutting-edge technologies to create dynamic and responsive systems that harness the power of generative algorithms.

From leveraging streaming data sources to implementing advanced machine learning models, the presentation will explore the key components necessary for constructing a robust real-time generative AI pipeline. Practical insights, use cases, and best practices will be shared, offering a comprehensive guide for developers and data scientists aspiring to design and implement dynamic AI systems in a streaming environment.

Tim will show a live demo showing we can use Apache NiFi to provide a live chat between a person in Slack and several LLM models all orchestrated with Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka and Python. We will use RAG against Chroma and Pinecone vector data stores, Hugging Face and WatsonX.AI LLM, and add additional context with NiFi lookups of stocks, weather and other data streams in real-time.

Building Modern Data Streaming Apps (ITPC 2023)

In this session, I will show you some best practices I have discovered over the last seven years in building data streaming applications including IoT, CDC, Logs, and more.

In my modern approach, we utilize several Apache frameworks to maximize the best features of all. We often start with Apache NiFi as the orchestrator of streams flowing into Apache Pulsar. From there we build streaming ETL with Spark, enhance events with Pulsar Functions for ML and enrichment. We build continuous queries against our topics with Flink SQL.