Michael Luis Santos
Michael Luis Santos

Michael is a Software Engineer at the IBM Research Apps Development Team with experience in software engineer designing, developing, testing, and delivering offerings using leading edge and/or proven technologies.

Michael specializes in backend systems (databases, Elasticsearch), APIs and API Development (REST or graphQL), cloud (containerization, Kubernetes, OpenShift) and AI.

Are You a Polyglot? Creating the Same API in Three languages: GoLang, Python, and JavaScript

As software developers, we typically use the tools we feel most comfortable with, but when it comes to backend APIs, there's a ton of languages, libraries, and tools to choose from. It's important to be able to identify the benefits of each language to determine what is best for our use case.

In this talk, we’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages to creating an API in three popular languages along with their runtime environments: GoLang, Python (using Flask) and JavaScript (using Node.js).

Faster Feature Releases via Kubernetes Sandbox Deployments

In their seminal book, Accelerate, Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim gave us new insights into how to measure high performing software development teams. Two of their main metrics of high performers are: delivery lead times and number of deployments.

We will demonstrate our use of Kubernetes sandbox deployments (think: fully-encapsulated, isolated running applications) to decrease delivery lead times leading to a more rapid deployment schedule.