Cody Hofstetter
Cody Hofstetter

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Hofstetter’s background is originally in finance and he has been forming and buying companies since the age of 19. As Founder and CEO, the two projects occupying the majority of time include his IT/Cybersecurity firm and Wealth Management Financial Advisory firm. The cybersecurity business is specialized in enterprise security training and red teaming while the advisory firm focuses on creating, growing, and maintaining personal and generational wealth for clients to live the lifestyles of their dreams.

Some of his other current and past ventures include owning a finance/day-trading firm, a community focused healthy restaurant, being a national speaker, certified personal trainer, lyricist and songwriter for several musicians, TV series, and films in addition to acting credits as well. If you'd like to hear about more endeavors, have a specific question, or hope to work together come talk to me at our next event.

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Financial Cybersecurity: Your Retirement Investments Aren't As Secure As You Thought

This presentation covers a brief overview of how our current financial systems came to be; the security (or lack thereof) found within our financial institutions, and what an individual should look for to safeguard the security of their investments. The information provided pertains to every individual that participates in our economy and allows the entire audience to leave the presentation with practical, immediately applicable knowledge. In addition, we will cover the presently available and upcoming federal and state tax credits/rebates for assisting purchasers of EVs.