Bill Brutzman
Bill Brutzman

Bill Brutzman holds a BSEE from NJIT. Bill’s first job was as an Equipment Engineer at Sperry/Unisys on Long Island NY, working on radio and gyro equipment and software, US Navy Trident submarines. Later, re-casting as a Network Engineer, and then, database and software development.

Since 2001, Bill has been with HK MetalCraft Manufacturing Corporation, a 40-person metal-stamping company, in Bergen County NJ, doing business-system software development, ERP, SQL, and Analytics.

Bill is a member of ACM and does side projects, such as astroSimpatico, a personality characteristics related to the Zodiac.

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IoT with MQTT via GoLang

Go is a relatively new programming language which complies to super-fast light-weight run-time executables.

MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a lightweight Publish-Subscribe protocol well suited to IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

There will be a demo of a "digital twin" rotating factory flywheel that sends (publishes) heart-beat counts from an Arduino microcontroller (running TinyGo) to an "edge" Windows computer running a GoLang "Message Broker" that sends flywheel machine status to a cloud MySQL database viewed via a secure Kendo UI JavaScript web-app.

Features of Go will be highlighted together with a walk-thru of the MQTT Go code.