Aditya Gidh
Aditya Gidh

Aditya Gidh is from Boston, Massachusetts where he works as a Software Engineer within the Apps@Research team in IBM Research. These apps are used regularly by 3,000+ researchers in 12 labs across 6 continents. Adi enjoys problem solving right from the word go. He often finds himself getting into the crux of the problem and loves collaborating and developing creative solutions.

Adi holds a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Northeastern University, and a Bachelors in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai. During his eight year tenure at IBM, Adi has worked across a wide array of business units focusing on UXR, Full Stack Development, DevOps engineering in product teams, and customer facing sites.

In his free time, Adi enjoys working on his food blog: Hangry Tummy. He is also an avid runner, and is pursuing to develop his photography skills.

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Modernize your APIs with GraphQL

Have you been on slow internet connections and been frustrated that some things partially work while you’re excruciatingly waiting on a data heavy API call to load? Data access performance is highly important and an overlooked aspect of web development. Data performance and reducing data round trips in relational data directly impact user experience.

GraphQL was created to make requesting nested and potentially-cyclical data simpler without the need to have specialized endpoints. GraphQL is more agnostic to how the “server” stores the information, it is a self-service approach where API developers can create a flexible, open-ended data access medium that end users can consume as they wish.

This session will focus on a modern full-stack architecture that leverages GraphQL to facilitate client- server communications implemented with Node.js.