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IEEE/ACM Information Technology Professional Conference on Friday March 9, 2012

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7th Annual TCF IT Professional Conference - 2012

Room 225
Management & Systems Analysis
Room 226
Professional Development and Technology
Room 227
8:00 AM R E G I S T R A T I O N
9:00 AM Programming without Code
Pat Palmer
Take Two Beads and Call Me in the Morning – Managing Software Development Projects Better
Howard Deiner
Planning for Retirement
David Maurer
10:00 AM Flexible Codeless Applications
Gary Clayton
Use Cases
Dennis Mancl
Manufacturing & Distribution Technology: New Horizons for 2012 & Beyond
Joseph Flesch
11:00 AM Building within Frameworks
Robert Gezelter
Intellectual Property - Protecting the fruits of your labor
Joel Miller
The Black Swan and Information Security
Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D.
12:00 PM L U N C H   &   F A C I L I T A T E D   N E T W O R K I N G   S E S S I O N
1:30 PM Getting the Most from Parawise Testing
George Sherwood
Demystifying Cloud Computing – A Guide for Mid-Career IT Developers
Eeraj J. Qaisar
Learning a New Programming Language? Why not C# .NET Programming?
Don Hsu
2:30 PM Getting Started with Clojure
Michael Redlich
Web Site Accessibility
Mike Barlow
An Introduction to X3D
Charles Lamb
3:30 PM Instrumented Agile Templates
Satish Thatte, Ph. D.
Legal Issues in Information Technology
Fred Wilf


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