Sujatha Dantuluri
Sujatha Dantuluri

Sujatha Dantuluri is a Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), supporting federal civilian customers. In her role, she provides architecture reviews and recommends industry best practices for building mission-critical solutions on the AWS cloud.

With over 22 years of IT experience, Sujatha has supported numerous federal agencies in their modernization efforts, large-scale integration and cloud migration and innovation. She is a frequent speaker at AWS events and industry conferences, sharing her expertise on cloud adoption strategies, security, and innovative technologies like machine learning.

Sujatha is passionate about helping public sector organizations leverage the agility and innovation of the cloud to better serve citizens.

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Code Whisperer: Leveraging AI to Enhance Software Development

Developing quality software efficiently is crucial yet challenging. Issues like unclear requirements, complex architectures, and debugging can slow developers down. Code Whisperer is an AI assistant that empowers developers to code faster and smarter.

In this talk, we will explore how Code Whisperer taps into the power of large language models to provide on-demand support during the development process. Key features like contextual code completion, function description generation, and bug detection leverage AI to boost productivity.

Attendees will learn best practices for integrating Code Whisperer into their workflow to improve coding speed, reduce errors, clarify ambiguities, and enhance overall developer experience. We will cover practical examples of how Code Whisperer can suggest completions for statements, methods, and classes in Python, JavaScript, Go, and more to accelerate development.

The talk will also discuss how Code Whisperer can generate helpful comments and function summaries based on context to aid documentation and maintenance. Tips for maximizing the value from Code Whisperer to debug errors faster and ship better code will be provided.