Rajiv Kewalramani
Rajiv Kewalramani

Rajiv Kewalramani is a Principal Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions with extensive experience in building high performance software in a variety of companies (consulting, start-up and mega-corporations). His areas of expertise include Java, Angular, DevOps, AWS and Agile Processes.

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Metaverse - Developer Perspective

The objective of this presentation is to provide developers a roadmap for navigating the diverse platforms that make up the metaverse. Individuals and organizations will gain a bottoms up and a top down perspective of this new, exciting, and evolving space. It will allow them to focus on key areas relevant to their skills and interests.

or example, it will demonstrate how three.js and bablylon.js can be used to develop Web-based 3D, but then also be used with AWS Sumerian to build hosts that integrate with other AWS Services such as Polly, Kinesis, and Sagemaker. Continuing on - one can use these rendering engines to provide support for VR and AR devices via the WebXR standard.

At the end of the presentation, the audience will have an understanding of the companies (e.g., Meta, Sony, MS, NVidia, Snap, Epic, Amazon, Tokens.com, etc), their varied offerings, the associated development platforms, and how to direct their skills and interests in the metaverse.