Olimpiu Pop
Olimpiu Pop

Olimpiu Pop is the Head of Engineering at Salt & Pepper, a digital products company. He is a software engineer with experience in real-time applications ranging from financial software to identity and access management, and is passionate about tooling and optimising development flows.

Olimpiu has been writing Java community news for InfoQ since June 2020 and facilitates the Transylvania Java Users Group.

He is a member of the program committee for Voxxed Days Romania and the main editor and troublemaker of Java Advent Calendar.

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log4(nut)shell: A Brief History of the December Vulnerabilities

The family of vulnerabilities discovered in winter of 2021, emphasized the importance of software in today's society and the crucial role of open source software. With its ubiquity, log4j proved once more how straws can break a camel's back.

In this talk we will look at the timeline, magnitude and defences against what is probably the most critical vulnerability discovered in the java world. And also the reactions of the software industry and even public space in the aftermath of its discovery.