Kory Becker
Kory Becker

Kory Becker is a Senior Software Developer for Bloomberg LP. With a background in artificial intelligence and machine learning, she is the author of “Building Voice-Enabled Apps with Alexa” (2017 Bleeding Edge Press).

She has developed award-winning software products that have been featured prominently in publications like PC Magazine, PCWorld, USA Today, Consumer Reports, Apple iTunes, and Google Chrome. Her research has been referenced by leading sources, including Google Brain.

You can find her articles on Primary Objects and social media presence on Twitter and GitHub.

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An Introduction to Quantum Computing

What is it like to create software for a quantum computer? With its ability to perform calculations and processing in a distinctly different way than classical computers, quantum computing has the potential for becoming the next revolution in information technology.

In this presentation, attendees will be introduced to the core concepts behind quantum computing, including the double-slit experiment, potential applications, and a video game, Flying Unicorn - a game developed for a quantum computer.