Josephine Giaimo
Josephine Giaimo

Josephine Giaimo worked in the field of data science in the 1980s, where she wrote FORTRAN code for defined benefit pension plans for insurance companies and brokerage houses as an actuarial assistant. She left the field of data science to eventually become a leader in user-centered quantitative and qualitative research. Josephine's original academic research proposed a framework for evaluating the performance of neural networks and statistical approaches in predicting project profits. She has been working in AI and UX since the 1980s.

Josephine is the Founder and Principal of User Experience Research, LLC, providing human-centered consulting to AT&T, ADP, Google, Medidata, Sarnoff Corporation, and others. She holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Montclair State University, and a Master's in Industrial Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. For several years, Josephine taught psychology courses, including the dynamics of group processes, at Bloomfield College. She has taught courses in robotics and AI to K-12 students, and holds a middle school math teaching certification.

Josephine has served as Treasurer of the Princeton ACM/IEEE Joint Computer Science Society from 2011 to 2023, and currently leads its Strategic Planning Committee. She is the Membership and Operations Chair of the UXPA NJ chapter.

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Non-Generative AI and UX: My Personal Field Notes

Josephine will share her personal experiences with several non-generative AI implementations:

  1. How she proposed a framework and metric for evaluating the performance of AI in predicting project profits.
  2. How she helped AT&T improve several key metrics by using UX design and research to implement an expert system.
  3. How she used her UX-related skills to support the implementation of Robotic Process Automation projects.
  4. How her ethnographic research laid the groundwork for future AI data modeling.
  5. How she used her background in machine learning and UX to provide user-centered documentation of an exciting, new healthcare IT product.

Josephine will distinguish between generative and non-generative AI, and encourage participants to build their own AI implementation as a personal learning experience.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You don't have to have studied calculus to successfully provide user-centered design, research, and related services as part of an AI implementation.
  2. AI has been around for decades, there are many ways to implement AI, many of them are non-generative.
  3. You will learn the difference between generative and non-generative AI.
  4. You can build your own no-code AI implementation, and you will learn a lot by doing so. Josephine encourages you to do it!