John Chin
John Chin

John Chin earned his PhD at the University of Maryland studying Cognitive Psychology and specializing in Human Factors at the Human Computer Interaction Lab. He is best known for menu design and user satisfaction, i.e., the Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction (QUIS).

In New Jersey, he conducted user experience research and User Interface (UI) development in a wide range of applications in the telecommunications industry at companies like Verizon Wireless. In addition, he led the human factors team's research and development of UI requirements for a cloud-based Enterprise Information Display System for air traffic controllers, data administrators and maintainers at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Recently, Chin was a remote contract Senior User Experience Researcher at Charles Schwab where he collected client input and feedback on the Digital Trade Experience for desktop and mobile application using both remote moderated and un-moderated usability studies on UserZoom.

Currently, he resides in Grand Island, NY with his wife, Jennifer. When not working, he enjoys road trips, kayaking and jet skiing.

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Mobile Design from Goals to Wireframes

This presentation illustrates how user experience design activities contribute to the design thinking and methods. The journey from initial idea or concept to implementation spans many steps including: Design goals, user research, personas or user profiles, user stories, tasks, use cases, and wireframes. This design example will design a user experience of a mobile app that will book available rooms and desks on the same day of arrival on premise.

This design addresses the following use-cases:

  • Find and reserve a hot desk using a floor plan.
  • Find and reserve a conference room using a floor plan.