Greg Tutunjian
Greg Tutunjian

Greg is an independent consultant and creator of Pattern Transformation focused on helping individuals, teams, groups, and organizations make effective use of Agile Frameworks and supporting principles, practices, and tools. He doesn't see Agile as the Center of The World (of product and solution development). Greg believes (and has experienced) effective Agile adoption and use patterns available to simplify and accelerate product and solution development that can (under ideal conditions) include innovation outcomes, too.

As a former developer, team manager, people manager and leader (leading engagements and delivering services to non-technical users), Greg was fortunate to have sufficient latitude in each of these roles to be effective and successful. He would like to help others find comparable effectiveness, success, and happiness in their work.

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Succeeding with Agile Adoption: A Practitioner's Perspective

The most recent 10 years of The State of Agile Report reveal that Organizational Culture is the leading impediment to effective Agile Adoption and use (let alone “Agile Transformation”). Wishful thinking and checkbox exercises often take the place of realistic analysis, collaborative planning, and personal commitment (outside of Agile Teams, primarily). There are additional impediment themes from The State of Agile Report leading to effective (or destructive) Agile Adoption. These data correlate with my own experience of more than 21-years of using (or attempting to use) Agile effectively in the workplace. In this talk, I’ll share these data, explain why and how these data are insightful and purposeful, and how you can better prepare your organization for effective Agile Adoption.

I’ll share recommendations to address these impediments (often from outside Agile dogma) that I’ve found effective. I’ll share additional resources to improve your likelihood of success. I’ll share a few real-world examples of my (facilitating of) success and when success wasn’t possible.