15th Annual TCF IT Professional Conference (2021)

Time Applications Development Security/Technical
9:00am Building Robust Applicaitons with the MicroProfile APIs: A Live Coding Event
By Michael Redlich
Security Privacy Emerging Technologies
By Larry Copeland, Jr.
10:00am Self-Programming Artificial Intelligence
By Kory Becker
Privacy Law Update
By Fred Wilf
11:00am Joining an Established Agile Team
By Michael Sava
Towards Wide-Spectrum Computing
By Enzo Alda & Javier Lopez
12:00 noon F A C I L I T A T E D   N E T W O R K I N G   S E S S I O N
1:30pm Building Layers of Defense for your Application using Spring Security Framework
By Neha Sardana
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency better than Gold?
By Donald Hsu
2:30pm Developing for Big Data at the Intersection of Containerization and Infrastructure as Code
By Howard Deiner
Cybersecurity Issue Regarding Technology Advancements in Social Welfare
By Donna Schaeffer
3:30pm Servant Leadership in a Distributed and Disruptive World
By Greg Tutunjian
Case Study: DevSecOps Prototype to Automate Security Control Assessments
By Ricky Eng