11th Annual TCF IT Professional Conference (2016)


Technology and Security

Professional Development & Management

8:00 AM R E G I S T R A T I O N
9:00 AM Noting the SQL Injection Carried on Web Applications Using Kali - Forensic Analysis
Vamshi Krishna Gudipati
Keeping Personal Data Out Of Hackers’Hands
Scott N. Schober
Models and Strategies for Effective Cybersecurity Spending
Bill Agresti
10:00 AM Building Realtime Web Apps with Angular and Meteor
Michael Redlich
Hosting: A comparison of leased servers, cloud hosting and IaaS, with a focus on Amazon Web Services
Steve Saporta
BDD and Continuous Testing in DevOps Era
Rajkumar J. Bhojan
11:00 AM High-Performance Web-Enabled Systems - An asynchronous, reactive, and data-driven, approach
Enzo Alda & Monica Figuera
Background and Performance of Hadoop
Hamoud Alshammari
Opportunities in Cybersecurity
Jane LeClair & Denise Pheils
12:00 PM L U N C H & F A C I L I T A T E D N E T W O R K I N G S E S S I O N
1:30 PM Architecture in an Agile World
Dennis Mancl
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Fredrick Dande
Architecting and Evaluating Discrete Integration Services in the Advancements of Digital Technologies of an Enterprise
Vikas S. Shah
2:30 PM An Algorithmic Solution for the“Hair Ball”Problem in Data Visualization
Khalid H. Alnafisah
Big Data Market Research, in Today's Economy
Donald Hsu
FIRST Robotics: The Farm Team for Tech
Joe Levy
3:30 PM Automated Surveillance System for Oil/Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Protection
Vijayan K. Asari
Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Improve Quality
Richard F. Eng
Industry, Academia, and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Riding the Metaphorical 3D See-saw
Nikhil Yadav