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IEEE/ACM Information Technology Professional Conference on Friday March 14, 2014

9th Annual TCF IT Professional Conference - 2014

Technology and Infrastructure
Software Development
Professional Development / Management
8:00 AM R E G I S T R A T I O N
9:00 AM Real World Considerations for Adoption of Commercial Cloud Service Platforms
Frederick B. Kauber
Learning from Others: Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design, IA, and Application Design
Josephine Giaimo
Agile and Offshore Maturity Models
Mike McGonagle
10:00 AM Data Analysis with R for IT Professionals
Charles Mutigwe
Refactoring: how to improve the structure of existing software
Dennis Mancl
Your Career – Don’t Let it Manage You A few Tips to Manage Career Security
Bala Prasanna
11:00 AM In the use of Mesh networks with version control to maintain configurations in Linux systems
Isiah Schwartz
Should I Build With Open Source Software?
Joe Levy
Introduction of ethics in systems design and architecture development
Sabatini Monatesti & Stephen Beller
12:00 PM L U N C H   &   F A C I L I T A T E D   N E T W O R K I N G   S E S S I O N
1:30 PM IT Security: a practical approach
Ivan Dell'Era
Getting Started with MongoDB
Michael Redlich
Insider/Outsider Cyber Threat Identification and Forensics; Even if the Insider is an Administrator
Stephen W. Leibholz & Dr. Tom Martin
2:30 PM Mobile Computing in the Large Enterprise
Lorraine M. Herger, Carlos A Fonseca, & Drew Wyskida
Designing the User Experience (UX): An Introduction to Data-Informed Design
Josephine Giaimo
Systems Engineering for IT and Software Engineering Professionals
Brian Berenbach
3:30 PM Applying Process Mining to IT Big Data
Richard Eng
Getting Started with Meteor
Michael Redlich
Enlightening Technical Leadership
Kartik Subbarao


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