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Saturday & Sunday April 2nd and 3rd, 2011 and Professional Conference on Friday April 1st 2011

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6th Annual TCF IT Professional Conference - 2011

Room 210
Management & Systems Analysis
Room 211
Professional Development
Room 201
8:00 AM R E G I S T R A T I O N
9:00 AM .NET and ActiveX:
Bidirectional Communication
Dr. Binglong Xie
Design Patterns
Dr. Dennis Mancl
Professional Development Can Happen On The Job When You Assume Responsibility For It
Greg Tutunjian
10:00 AM The Three Faces of Testing:
DID I Do the Right Thing and
DID I Do the Thing Right
Howard Deiner
Semantic Management of
Business Process Compliance to
Environmental and Other Regulations
Aliva Pradhan
Financial Technology Entrepreneurship Programs for 21st Century Computer Science and Information Systems Students
Dr. Jim Lawler and Dr. Anthony Joseph
11:00 AM Cloud Computing
A General State of the Union
David Soll
The Zen Approach to Project Management
George Pitagorsky
Planning for Retirement
Michael Grottola
12:00 PM L U N C H   &   F A C I L I T A T E D   N E T W O R K I N G   S E S S I O N
1:30 PM A brief history of XML, SOAP and REST
Pat Palmer
Agility, the Cloud, Accountability: What You Can't Know can Kill You
Robert Gezelter
IEEE Member Discounts and Insurance for Computer Technologists
Mila Thelen
2:30 PM SQL Server 2008 R2 and Beyond
Joe Mozelesky
What IT Professionals Should Know About Computer Forensics
Dr. Rebecca Mercuri
Career Planning: challenges and opportunities in a recovering economy
Ernest Schirmer
3:30 PM Application Development for Social Networks
Michael Redlich
Engaging the Enemy
Gary Clayton
Essentials of Effective Communications in Workplace - Beyond Basics
Bala Prasanna


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