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Saturday & Sunday April 2nd and 3rd, 2011 and Professional Conference on Friday April 1st 2011

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1st Annual TCF IT Professional Conference - 2006


S e m i n a r s  (Student Recreation Center)



Room D


Room E

Development & Technology

Room F


Room G

8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Fred Wilf

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
Digital Rights Mgt.

Michael P. Redlich

ExxonMobil R&D
Applying the Factory Method Design Pattern

Paul Blackwell

Omicron Consulting
Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation

Nicholas J. Donatone

MFG Systems
Overview of Grid Computing

10:00 AM

John Stawiarski

Omicron Consulting
Microsoft’s Implementation of Digital Rights Management

Michael P. Redlich
ExxonMobil R&D

Applying the Decorator Design Pattern

John Christopher

Thomson Scientific
Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Web Based Systems

Nathan Berk

Omicron Consulting
SQL Server 2005 & Business Intelligence

11:00 AM

David Soll

Omicron Consulting
Portals: The New Paradigm

Michael P. Redlich

ExxonMobil R&D
Applying the Observer Design Pattern


John Stawiarski

Omicron Consulting
Windows Vista – What’s on the Horizon?

12:00 PM

L U N C H  &  N E T W O R K   S E S S I O N  (Brower Student Center Room 211)

Facilitated by Gary Clayton of Vistage International (formerly TEC International)

1:30 PM

John Matranga

Omicron Consulting
Real-Time Manufacturing Intelligence

Mike Barlow

Galaxy Solutions
Architecting with Ajax

Paul Blackwell

Omicron Consulting
Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005—Reporting

David McGurl

Intel Corporation
Intel's Technology Roadmap

2:30 PM

Chris Nelson

Batch Reporting

Denis Mancl

Lucent / Bell Labs
Use Cases

David Soll

Omicron Consulting
SharePoint Products & Technologies

Ross Dennis

Clearsight Research
The Mobile Device as the Next IT Platform

3:30 PM

Dr. Paul McKenzie

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Barry Burd

Drew University
Fast and Easy Web Development using Ruby on Rails

Nicholas J. Donatone

MFG Systems
An introduction to BPEL


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