For Your Eyes Only: Personal Identification Using Iris Patterns

Douglas Dixon

In our modern society, we regularly identify ourselves by simple mechanisms such as signatures on checks, photographs on ID cards, passwords for computers, and PIN numbers at ATM machines. In unfortunate circumstances, we also may be involuntarily identified by less user-friendly but more accurate means such as fingerprints or even DNA matching. Interestingly, these convenient identification techniques that we use daily are highly susceptible to fraud, as shown by the adoption of defensive tactics in the financial industry such as daily withdrawal limits for ATM cards and spending and loss limits for credit cards.

This talk will explore various approaches for personal identification to satisfy the need for a method which performs reliably and with high accuracy in mass market applications such as ATM banking machines. We are developing an identification approach based on the patterns of the human iris, which has the advantage of being both a highly detailed and unique structure, and also clearly visible, so it can be acquired and matched unobtrusively. We will discuss the basic iris matching technology which is already commercially available for entryway access control, and Sarnoff vision processing developments which permit iris matching to be used in more general situations such as walk-up ATM machines.

Douglas Dixon is a Technology Leader at the David Sarnoff Research Center, where he is developing PC-based applications of Sarnoff's computer vision technology. At Sarnoff, he has worked on projects in computer graphics, multimedia, and virtual reality. Previously, he was a member of the core team spun out from Sarnoff to Intel Corporation which invented and productized DVI Technology for compressed digital video on PCs. He has given presentations, published papers, and holds several patents on this work with graphics and digital video technology. Doug also has been known to be active in the Princeton Chapters of ACM / SIGGRAPH and the IEEE Computer Society.

Date: Thursday May 9, 1996, 6:30 social, 7:00 dinner, 8:00 lecture
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