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December 1995 Joint Meeting

Impact of Mobility on TCP/IP: An Integrated Performance Study

Dipak Ghosal

This talk will review efforts that are underway to design protocols and architectures for supporting IP host mobility. IP host mobility can cause problems for higher level protocols, such as TCP. Existing versions of TCP cannot discriminate between packet loss due to mobility and packet loss from network congestion, so TCP invokes its congestion recovery process when packets are lost during hand-offs.

We consider a simple modification to TCP which explicitly uses network layer information about mobility to extend the slow-start algorithm during the recovery process. This leads to improvement in the throughput for host limited TCP connections.


Date: Wednesday December 6, 1995, 4:00 pm
Location: Princeton Engineering Quadrangle, Convocation Room, Olden St off Nassau St, Princeton, NJ

Additional Information: Noel Rozario (609) 490-3312

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