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The Java programming language

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Creating Java components

Java Beans

Java Bean conventions

/* file */
public class Thermometer {
  /* these two functions define the "currentTemperature" property */
  public int getCurrentTemperature() { return temp; }
  public void setCurrentTemperature(int aTemp) { temp = aTemp; }

  private int temp;

  public void temperatureChanged(TempChangedEvent ev) { ... }
  ... other implementation details ...

Reflection in Java

More Java Bean configuration

Java code is generated by the Builder tools

Creating a Java Bean

Java Beans make good interfaces

Alternative ways to make a Java Bean

public class TemperatureBeanInfo extends java.beans.SimpleBeanInfo {
 /* the following function will return an array of PropertyDescriptor
    objects, one object per Java Bean property */
  public PropertyDescriptor[] getPropertyDescriptors() {

Other ways to tailor a Java Bean

Using Java Beans for Web programs

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